About Us

ALook Production Services is a complete production solution specialist operating in a range of markets such as theatre, outdoor events, video production, live music, education and special projects.

With a history of producing theatre for over 30 years, Glenn and the team have forged a reputation for supplying technical equipment and working with producers on everything required to bring a show to the stage.

Although our background is primarily grounded in professional theatre, both indoors and outdoors, in recent years we have diversified into new markets. Our clients now include schools, councils, opera and TV shoots with our core business remaining theatre.

Our services include lighting, sound, vision, production management, video production, graphic design and general management.

Our headquarters, based in Williamstown, is just 20 mins from the CBD. We also have offices for our management and design team in Collins Street, Melbourne.


Dynamic – We hire people who can do more than one thing: we aim to be agile with projects.

Flexible – We understand timelines and budgets change. We pride ourselves on being able to make adjustments to adapt swiftly and efficiently. 

Reliable – If you need help, someone will be there to pick up the call.

People we work with