Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions are long documents. Here is our short version.


A confirmation of an order can take many forms and sometimes, a formal quote isn't able to be sent due to time limitations.

We take orders in writing. This can be a Text Message, What'sApp Message or Email.

Payment Terms

Depending on the job and if you have a credit account with depend on the terms you have with us.

Standard hire payment terms with a trade customer is 14 days.

Standard hire payment terms with a consumer customer COD.

We may need a deposit for a hire and if we don't know you, we will ask for drivers license, passport and a credit card.

If you pay late, we reserve the right to charge interest.

Delivery and Collections

Any dates and times quoted for delivery of the Equipment are approximate only and ALook cannot and will not be liable for any delay in delivery of the Equipment howsoever caused.

Traffic, Staff Illness or just super busy times cause late deliveries. We do our best to be on time.

We do allow collections however only by appointment. Our warehouse is often unattended if it's super busy. Just pickup the phone and have a chat to your account manager to sort out a pickup time.

Use of our gear

You need to ensure that the Equipment is installed and used by competent and qualified personnel.

If the hire is long term, it's your job to ensure it's kept in good working order and to ensure gear is inspected daily to ensure it's safe to use.

There is to be no modification or alteration to any equipment hired from ALook including the removing our barcodes or labels.

Please return all blown lamps back to us at the end of the hire period. If you don't, we will charge you.

What if something breaks down?

If the fault is caused by fair wear and tear, we will do our upmost best to get the gear fixed and if we can't, we will discount your hire. When we can, we supply spares to allow you to get on with the job.

If the gear breaks due to negligence or misuse by the Hirer, you will need to pay for the replacement or repair of the gear. We are also not going to give you a discount because you broke our stuff.


While you hire something from us, we own it.

If you buy something from us, we own it UNTIL you pay the invoice.

If you try to sell our stuff, we will get angry.

Loss, Damage and Insurance

If you lose or damage something, you have to pay for it. You need to get insurance for our gear while you have it in your care from a reputable insurance company against loss or damage from all risks (including third party risks).

Stuff that is hired from us is not insured by ALook while in your care.

Hirer's Indemnities

The Hirer shall be solely responsible for and hold ALook fully indemnified against all claims, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, proceedings, costs and expenses which may be brought against or incurred by ALook as a result of any accident involving the Equipment.

The Hirer shall be solely responsible for and hold ALook fully indemnified against all claims, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, proceedings, costs and expenses which may be brought against or incurred by ALook as a result of any breach or default on the part of the Hirer in the discharge of its obligations under any Contract.

Force Majeure

Although ALook shall use all reasonable endeavours to discharge its obligations under a Contract in a prompt and efficient manner, it does not accept responsibility for any failure or delay caused by circumstances beyond its control.


Non-COVID related cancellations
If a job is cancelled less 7 days out, you pay prep costs plus 50% of the hire.

If a job is cancelled less 14 days but more than 7 days out, you pay prep costs plus 25% of the hire.

COVID Related cancellations
COVID-19 is the biggest cause for cancellations at the moment. Each agreement/client has different terms re: COVID cancellations. Please check with your Account Manager.


Sometimes, a scope of a project gets bigger due to issues or changes in plans.

We reserve the right to bill for anything extra we need to do that wasn't quoted for, including supplying extra crew, gear or sale items.

We will do our best to communicate this during the process. No one likes bill shock.

Sale Items

We sell things. Big, small and between.

Big things like Lighting Consoles, Sound Systems and the like, have a manufacturer's warranty. When purchasing these items, we will let you know what length the warranty is.

Small things like gaffer tape and LED strip doesn't have a warranty most of the time.

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